Everybody has their obsession, consuming thoughts, consuming time.

Hahahaha, holy shit. It really is amazing how much a person can mature and change in a matter of eight months.

I haven't updated this thing since September and reading that entry just made me laugh so hard at myself. I was such a little slut. Hahaha. No, but really, when I do think back to the beginning of this school year and the beginning of my theatre career, I do remember what a little attention whore I was. I found out that I was actually attractive and thrived on the attention I was getting, not really realizing until later that none of hte guys really cared about me, but only getting in my pants.

Mind you, none of them got in my pants.

I've made plenty of mistakes since I've updated. I made the stupidest dating choice ever in September. No, I didn't date Michael. Haha, no, Kelly took care of that one and hated it. My mistake was that I was horribly naive and thought that a guy actually had interest in me but, well, once again, it was just another guy trying to get in my pants. And, once again, he didn't, and I dumped his ass.

After dumping him, I started to get close to the most amazing man that I have ever, ever met: Harold Raymond Henderson, or Hal, my boyfriend of seven months today. I could write for hours about how our relationship began, and how it is today. But that would take, well, hours, and I don't have that sort of patience.

I've given everything to my Hal. He has all of me and I have all of him. I trust him with my life and he's shared so much of himself with me that nobody, nobody else will ever know. I've devoted my life to Hal.

I sound ridiculously naive, I know. But it's amazing how much he's actually matured me. Like I said, I was a little attention whore at the beginning of the year but he's shaped me up and made me into quite the respectable woman that I am today. Dating an 18 year old has really done a lot for me and my outlook on a lot of things in life. He's enforced morals in me that I didn't ever care about, but he didn't force them on me. I took them on voluntarily. I love who I am today because of him.

NOt to mention, he's given me so much confidence. I've always been so uncomfortable with my body and how it looks. I've always hated it. But he's assured me that my body is actually quite a decent body, that I have nothing to worry about. He reassured me this also by mentioning the ridiculous attention that I received at the beginning of the year. Heh.

He's the most generous person that I've ever met. He gives me everything he can. Everyone is so surprised that he actually bought me a video ipod. I could barely believe it myself. He's only getting me one thing for my birthday, he's said, which means it's going to be something really big... I'm so curious as to what it is.

He is amazing, he truly is. There is so much I want to write about him, so much I want to express but it'd probably be smartest for me not to do so. Hum.

In other news... Friday is my birthday! Woot. I'm probably going to prom on the 26th! I'm almost done with my freshman year THANK FUCKING GOD! Hehe. Wow. I'm in such an amazing mood right now.
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Who's Your Daddy?

Estoy enviando unas cartas a direcciones en un ciudad de fantasma.

Many points if you can figure out what that says without a dictionary. Double those points if you can figure out what it's from.

I have been studying my spanish like crazy. I've heard so many things about IB students breaking down their freshman year, mostly from the stress of their spanish class. I do not want this happening to me, so I am working uber hard with study guides on vocabulary and grammar to memorize as much as I possibly can about this language. Besides, I want to be an amazing spanish speaker because it will help so much in law enforcement.

I went to my freshman orientation yesterday. I was supposed to meet all of my teachers and everything. I met probably two. It was so unorganized and half-ass. But I got to learn where all my classes are (all over the damn campus) and I don't need the map anymore. Just in case, though, I made an index card with my schedule on one side and a much simpler, smaller map on the blank side.

I received my Explorer Scouts application on Tuesday, filled it out, got a reference, and sent it right back on Thursday. Seargant Buzzo did tell me to get it back as soon as possible, and I totally did. Maybe he'll be impressed with how quick I am, giving me more points with him, haha. I pretty much know I'm going to get in. My application was flawless. I have nothing negative on my record, and I showed that I really want this. Now I just have to wait for a response to it all. It'll probably take weeks. Blah. But he did say that he wanted to get the new class together by October. I'm hoping he'll call me back by next week.

Meanwhile, check out this awesome bracelet I just won on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=004&item=140022267157&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEBI%3AIT&rd=1

Necesito ir.

EDIT: Soy un cinturon verde!
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Woo. Today was fun.

Okay. So my mom told me that she had to run some errands and offered to take me with her, so I did. While we were out, we saw the futon that I wanted for when I remodel my room and put it on layaway, since we have no where to put it at the moment. Yay.

Then she told me that she had $50 dollars at the moment for whenever I wanted to start school shopping. So I'm like, "Let's go to the mall! I know what I can do with that." So I bought a shirt from Hollister and a pair of pants from Aeropostale. Woo. While we were there, we saw one of my brother's old friends and his family. We stopped to talk to them for a while. Joey, the 13-year-old brother of the friend kept looking at me (he had a former crush on me). Then we talked about how I didn't want to go to Fleming for... Certain reasons. They told me to go to Lord Botetourt, which is really far away. My mom said that if it gets too bad for me at Fleming, then we'll go there.

Then we were on our way out and she stops at the Verizon mini shop in the middle of the mall and asks if I want to get my cell phone now. Hell yes I do. But then it takes about a fucking hour to get the thing done. We had to leave before it could be done because I had karate.

Ah! Karate! I did Chun Ji and was told that I did girl punches (which, apparently, are when I start my punches at my chest instead of waist level). I guess I should really practice that. I also got to spar with sensei. I didn't do too badly, I got a few hits. She didn't block the way I hoped she would when I faked a kick. :( Sparring seems a lot easier when I'm just watching it.

When we got out of karate, I went home and changed into my new clothes. We went to the mall to pick up my phone because it should've been done by the time I finished karate. Yay, it was. When we got there, we decided to cancel our plans of seeing a movie and decided to go out to eat at Texas Steakhouse because my brother and his girlfriend should've been working and to rent a movie.

Texas was so fun! All of the employees that used to hang out with us were there, such as Anthu, the crazy, mean, bitchy asian who is just hilarious. Alycia, the active, excited rehead who has gone blonde suddenly. I didn't even recognize her. I sat with Jennifer, my brother's girlfriend, and we all had a great time. We were all sharing our food. I was robbed of a chicken tender and about half of my fries lmao. And a couple sips of coke. But it was all fun. No shared saliva.

Now I'm trying to find a good desk to put in my room and trying to split up about $200ish for school clothes. Fun.
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Josh showered me with... I don't know the word for it. But he told me that I deserve someone great, to be careful who I date.

Here, in his own words, are reasons I'm so great:
1. I think that you're very attractive compared to other people.
2. You don't put up with shit, which I used to not like, but I've come to like that because this one girl pisses me off. (she's too nice
3. I like talking to you, when I actually can think of anything to say

Then he had to leave. But then he IMed me later. Here are a few quotes:
I realized that you were different, I like you more than I do other people.
I can't get over you, I don't know why, it's tough for me...
I want to do things with you that other people don't.
I want to be something to you because you are so much to me...
Nicole, I want to mean something to you, and I know I'm just me, a joke or w/e
Okay, anyway, I'm saying this, [Brandon and Kyle] think I should get over you... I can't though. But I'm not goign to repeat myself again, so, yeah.
I'm just one of many, though, right, I'm sure.
See, I mean, I want to mean more to you but I don't know what I can do
I'll leave, just be careful, Nicole... You mean too much to me for somethign stupid to happen... I'm going to make a new screenname so you don't have to talk to me, anymore.

By the way, he is not my boyfriend. He is my ex boyfriend.

Now, go check out these cute little birds: